Blaatimen — Signed Prints

Blaatimen is part of Proof's Grails season IV. It consists of 50 editions minted on the Ethereum blockchain, and is available on marketplaces such as opensea and sansa. Signed prints of these digital artworks are now made available to order.

The prints will be created in cooperation with a local Certified Hähnemuhle Studio printing shop, making sure the quality allows for the print to last lifetimes when properly cared for.

You will need to prove ownership of the NFT at the time of purchase, and there will only exist a total of 50 prints. The prints will be hand-signed before shipping, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

There are currently 39 of 50 prints available to order.

Sizes and pricing

Blaatimen prints are available in one size:

  • 68 x 85 cm - €550 + €110 shipping

    Standard - aprox. 27 x 33 inches

The shipping fee covers insurance and door-to-door international delivery, handled by DHL. Expect delivery to occur three to six weeks after your order is placed.

All transactions will be handled through Stripe.

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